Submit Your Photographs to Tasweer Photography Festival

You have until November 1 to enter

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 September 2022
Submit Your Photographs to Tasweer Photography Festival

To participate in the Tasweer Photography Festival, go here. You still have time because Qatar Museums recently published an open call.

The Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project and Single Image Awards, which are a component of Tasweer and are currently in their third edition, are honoring one of Qatar's finest collectors.

By November 1st, photographers from all over Western Asia and the North Africa (WANA) region must submit their images.

The awardees chosen by the judges will get a grant of QR30,000 for their initiative.

The images of a few of the entrants will be featured in an exhibition at the upcoming Tasweer competition, which is scheduled to take place in March 2023. Additionally, the winners will be revealed at the festival.

"We are thrilled to invite aspiring and professional photographers from around the WANA region to submit their entries for the third edition of the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project and Single Image Awards," said Khalifa Al Obaidly, the organization's founding director.

The annual competition offers a chance to find incredible talent, and the best entries will be displayed at an exhibition during Tasweer in March 2023, attracting attention from the local, regional, and international photographic communities.

Submit Your Photographs to Tasweer Photography Festival

The winning snaps from the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Awards

The project award is a yearly prize that provides financial assistance to photographers' ideas for the creation or completion of a photography project.

Six photographers—Reem Falaknaz, Abdo Shanan, Salih Basheer, Fethi Sahraoui, Mouneb Nassar, and Fatema Bint Ahmad—were chosen from a pool of applicants in October 2021.

Abdelhafid Chenane: A Little Louder

"COVID-19 is oppressive under the new realities. How might individuals resist the state without using the one power they possess—being present and cooperating to bring about change—is a question I keep asking myself. "

Salih Basheer Abdelgabar Sharif: Self-Portrait, the chairs with the red cover

The red background of the photographs I found for my parents serves as a metaphor for the red cover.

The single image award is given instead for the photograph that best captures the photographer's perspective and unique story. This year, there were ten winners: Aya Mohammed, Muhammed Mostafa, Ryan Brand, Adriane de Souza, Dima Assad, Hallouli Mohamed Ameur, Khalid Alrawahi, Salman Faris, Hani Hamdan Al-Sulaimani, Raghda Khairy, and Murtadha Adnan Al-Ha

Both prizes are a part of the Tasweer Photo Festival Qatar, which aims to promote a range of photographic techniques and discussions.

Khalifa Ahmad Al Obaidly, the director of Tasweer, stated, "For the second year in a row, we have received genuinely striking entries from both emerging and seasoned photographers.