Qatar-Based Travel Adventure Agency Breaks Guinness World Record

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 03 August 2022
Qatar-Based Travel Adventure Agency Breaks Guinness World Record

The world-breaking company hosts marathons on all six continents and in more than 40 different countries.

A Qatar-based adventure travel agency recently broke a 35-year-old Guinness World Record for the highest trail running in competition at Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, held by Everest Marathon.

30 runners, representing 12 different countries, gathered in Arusha on July 15 to compete in the Uhuru Peak Challenge, a series of four races that include the V1000, Half, Full, and Ultra Marathon.

To participate in the thrilling adventure race atop the "Roof of Africa," participants arrived on July 8. Mount Kilimanjaro reaches a height of 5,895 meters and is regarded as the highest free-standing mountain and peak in the world.

The group included experienced marathon runners from around the world as well as a few first-timers who signed up for this trip.

To get to Uhuru Peak on the Kilimanjaro climb, one must pass through five distinct climate zones, starting with the Bushland Zone. After finishing the required trip briefing and equipment check, the participants started their five-day ascent to the top.

The group climbed through a rainforest the following day to reach a campground at 2,800 meters.

On the third day of the trip, campers spend the night at 4,000 meters after passing through the Moorland/Heather zone. The two most challenging parts of the voyage began when they arrived at the Alpine Zone at 4,980m to prepare for the races to begin.

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The first race was V1000, a 1,000-meter vertical ascent to Uhuru Peak through the Arctic Zone. The V1000 course, which is thought to be the highest Skyrace in the world, has been certified by the International Skyrace Federation.

To reach the summit, the runners ran 4.3 kilometers and climbed 1,000 meters from 4,980 meters to 5,895 meters. In order to reach the summit, the racers had to suffer through subfreezing temperatures, thin air, and altitude sickness.

Jack Haug of Switzerland won the men's competition, while Tamina Vogel of Germany won the women's tournament.

The Half Marathon (male) competition was won by 17-year-old Scottish runner Harvey Mitchell-Divers, the World Spartan Age-Group winner, in 3:22:58, and Tamina Vogel took first place in the women's division.

Jack Haug and Alexander Scherz, two Swiss athletes, won the Marathon and Ultra Marathon, respectively. Jack Haug won the Ultra Marathon and Alexander Scherz the Full Marathon. American Cara Nelson took first place in the women's marathon category.

Even the most skilled marathon runners thought the race was the hardest of their running careers. For the majority of runners, it was a transformative experience. The three races broke the 35-year-old record held by Everest Marathon when Guinness World Records certified them as the highest altitude trail Half, Full, and Ultra Marathon.

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