This is One of the Busiest International Flight Routes: Cairo to Doha

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 June 2023
This is One of the Busiest International Flight Routes: Cairo to Doha

The Official Airline Guide (OAG), an acknowledged provider of travel data worldwide, has named the Cairo to Doha air corridor as one of the top 10 busiest international air routes.

Around 107,568 seats were reserved for the route in June, moving it to sixth place on the African continent.

The busiest in Africa, however, was Cairo's flights to Jeddah, Riyadh, and Kuwait. The route from Cairo to Jeddah took first place in the Middle East with an astounding 400,000 seats.

The top five flights were from Cairo to Jeddah, Hong Kong to Taipei, Dubai to Riyadh, Seoul Incheon to Tokyo Narita.

As the country prepares for an increase in passenger flow for the Eid Al Adha holiday time period, which is scheduled to last until July 10th, the number of travelers is expected to continue to increase.

Qatar's national airline has resumed its flight operations to a number of locations, including a recently announced route to Tokyo Haneda Airport and Trabzon, to accommodate the increase in passengers.

With 1.5 million tourists in the first half of 2023, Qatar achieved a new record in terms of tourism, according to Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive of Qatar Airways and Chairman of Qatar Tourism.  Additionally, the country aims to increase this number to six million tourists annually by 2030. 

The highest number of scheduled airline seats for the month becomes the basis for the OAG's rankings. The data was taken from the OAG Schedules Analyser and accounts for both incoming and departing flights for each route.

The international capacity, which has already risen to 43.9 million seats, has also seen an upward pattern, according to OAG.

Additionally, this week saw an increase of 1.6 million seats in the overall number of airline seats available worldwide, bringing the total to 111.4 million. This reflects an enormous 15.3% increase from the same week last year and a 1.5% increase from the previous week.

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