Ministry Underlines Consumer Rights and Obligations

The MoCI highlights consumer rights for people in Qatar through their social media platforms.

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 April 2023
Ministry Underlines Consumer Rights and Obligations

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) emphasized, through their social media, that consumers in Qatar are required to ensure products' validity dates, know the updated prices, and save receipts from purchases. 

The Ministry shared various measures that consumers should abide by in order to protect their consumer rights including cross-checking items to ensure they are safe to use. Consumers are warned against purchasing products of unknown origins and they are encouraged to save receipts from all their purchases.

According to the ministry, saving bills can help citizens and residents retain compensation rights, replace defective products, and check the total invoice value against the price list. 

Consumers should also be aware of the necessary details of the items they purchase such as price, brand, data, and origin. 

Other details that consumers are encouraged to be aware of include the store's name and address, the type of product, and the product's serial number.

During sales at retail outlets, the Ministry advised consumers to ensure that the 'Shop with Confidence' sign is present at the outlet they shop from. They also must ensure that the products they purchase are of excellent quality and check the rates before and after the sales. 

The MoCI also highlighted the consumers' rights of customers visiting barbershops and salons. The Ministry emphasized that the validity of products must be checked at these places to ensure quality service for their customers. 

The religious values and traditions of customers should be considered by service providers and retail outlets and individuals must adhere to public health and safety requirements. 

Service providers are obliged to share details of their products so that people can ensure that they adhere to advertised standards and the providers must comply with public health and safety norms. 

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