Festival Invokes Recollections of the Years Before Pandemic

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 12 July 2022
Festival Invokes Recollections of the Years Before Pandemic

It brought back memories of the years before the pandemic as people celebrated Eid Al-Adha and attended entertainment events and performances all around the country, drawing sizable crowds.

The responses of some locals who celebrated the holidays by taking part in the festivities in the malls, hotels, cultural villages, and beaches made this clear.

Ameera, her husband Salim, and their three kids went to the Mall of Qatar, where they participated in kid-friendly events including the African Circus, Arts & Crafts, and Henna. Holidays like Eid Al-Adha are excellent opportunities to make use of the services provided by both public and private organizations. My kids had a great time at the mall, especially doing the arts and crafts because it helped them develop their artistic and creative abilities when they are on vacation.

She recalled that they went to the seashore on the second day of Eid in order to "connect with nature." "My family really enjoyed the beach and going on vacation at the beach is extra great because we get to meet more people who are also taking the little escape."

Festival Invokes Recollections of the Years Before Pandemic

Waqas decided to have a staycation in a hotel in West Bay with her spouse and pals. "Before starting work again tomorrow, we will use the three-day break to recharge. Even though we're back to wearing face masks because of the recent surge in instances, this Eid feels more laid back than it did two years ago.

As befits the occasion, retail establishments are also offering discounts. On Saturday, Alex and her sister-in-law went to the recently opened mall Place Vendome, where she reported that a large throng had gathered. Special deals can be found anywhere! It's challenging not to purchase. A further observation I made was that individuals continued to celebrate the holiday while wearing masks, giving the impression that everything had back to normal, but with the mask on, despite the fact that COVID-19 cases had risen throughout the nation.

Meanwhile, Katara said, Zairah, Abdul, and Mohammed took part in the family-friendly activities at the Cultural Village Foundation. There are other classes included in it, including ones for face painting, balloon sculpting, painting on canvas, and ceramic painting.

"It was wonderful and enjoyable! I get to interact with other children, which made Eid slightly more memorable because I made new friends, said Zairah, a nine-year-old.

While waiting, Yasir and Ahmed took pleasure in the art classes Katara had planned. "The mascots' performance, slime, and gift-giving are my favorites. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate Eid with other kids and individuals, said 11-year-old Yasir and his brother Ahmed.

On the other hand, Marivic and her son Lee spent the holiday visiting various museums. "The exhibitions are wonderful, and they're all free! For some, you must reserve a ticket on the Qatar Museums website; for others, simply visit the museum and enjoy the exhibition.

An HR professional named Khalid Asif used Eid to catch up on his education. "This short break is an excellent opportunity for me to complete my studies and catch up with my family. The holiday gave me the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family I hadn't heard from in a while. Overall, this Eid demonstrates that we are gradually beginning to revert to our pre-COVID normal.

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