Best Things to Do at Rawdat Al Khail Park

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 April 2022
Best Things to Do at Rawdat Al Khail Park

The Rawdat Al Khail Park is a recent addition to Qatar's wide number of parks (Muntazah Park). This lovely park, which is one of Doha's oldest parks, was officially opened to the public on April 10, 2022. This park, which is located in Al Muntazah and spans 140,000 square meters, is designed to cater to people of all ages.

Best Things to Do at Rawdat Al Khail Park

At the park, there's a large green space!

The park has a large green space that will appeal to both children and adults. The park's green carpet extends about 98,000 square meters, according to the Ministry of Municipality (Al Baladiya). Here you can play ball with your kids or simply relax and enjoy the park!

Around 1,600 trees have been planted throughout the area. To appreciate the park's beauty, you must go there. Perennial trees that have thrived for more than a decade can be found here, according to Al Baladiya!

Cycleway, jogging track, and pedestrian walkways

Are you ready to take a walk?

Get some exercise by taking advantage of the park's varied amenities, which include a cycleway, a well-paved running track, and meandering paths. Have a great evening and enjoy the nice breeze.

Here, kids can have a terrific time!

A magnificent portion of the park has been set aside as a children's play area, replete with ziplines, swings, slides, and other activities. Here, kids may have the time of their life!

Best Things to Do at Rawdat Al Khail Park

Begin your fitness adventure right now!

Use the various types of workout equipment available in Rawdat Al Khail Park to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready to begin your fitness journey right now?

Kiosks selling food and grilling areas.

At the park, there are some lovely scenes.

Al Baladiya has equipped the park with amenities such as ample seats, men's and women's prayer rooms, garbage collection bins, bicycle parking areas, clean drinking water stations, and more to ensure that guests have a comprehensive experience when they visit.

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