Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 17 May 2022
Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

When you think of a library, the first thing that comes to mind is certainly lots of books. While this is fantastic news for all bookworms, the Qatar National Library (QNL) is much more than just a library. The structure has more to it than greets the eye.

The Library project, which is located in Education City and is run by the Qatar Foundation, was first unveiled by HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and officially released publicly on April 16, 2018.

Since then, Emiri Decree 11 has given the library the status of a National Library, and it has become a literary guide for many scholars in the region.

For a day of interesting and exciting events, travel to Educational City or take the Green Line metro to QNL. The beautiful architecture (both outside and inside) will amaze. Immerse yourself in the library's many materials and take in the overall look.

There are many things to do at the Library, we've put up a list of five activities that you'll love:

Read and borrow books, CDs, and DVDs

Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

When book lovers come to the Qatar National Library, they are in for a real treat. In a library, reading is undoubtedly the most popular pastime among visitors. QNL, on the other hand, stores over a million books in both physical and digital versions, as well as a variety of internet sources, magazines, CDs, and even DVDs. The library's numerous and diverse seating areas are ideal for grabbing a book of your choosing and relaxing while reading it.

You can borrow books in a variety of categories, including fiction, philosophy, technology, mathematics, botany, medicine, science, language, literature, and so on. You can also borrow CDs of popular English films, television episodes, and sitcoms!

And the greatest part is that you only need a library member card, which is free, to reserve up to four items on each card. The library membership can be obtained at the help desk; all you need to do is present your QID and a valid email address.

Make a study carrel reservation

Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

Many scholars, researchers, and teachers use the Library as a favorite location to work on their reading and writing resources. Although the library's general ambiance is tranquil and serene, you may want to find a private location where you may study in peace or even organize a group study with classmates or researchers.

Single study rooms and even group study areas can be reserved in advance at the library. These rooms have seating for 1 to 8 people (depending on whatever room you reserve) as well as power outlets. There are even media rooms with televisions and subscriptions to a media server that may be reserved for study or research.

Play games at the Gaming Center

Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

A fact about the library is that it has a games console center for all those gaming nerds in a small but enjoyable corner of the first floor. Gamers may play video games online to their hearts' content thanks to gaming consoles with great huge screens. These gaming terminals, however, must be controlled while standing, and there is no seating available while playing.

The Heritage Library is a must-see

Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

History and art buffs will love the variety of items on show in the Heritage Library section, which is located in the library's heart (open basement). This area reflects the country's culture and includes rare, precious papers and technologies that have been scrupulously maintained.

There are 20 antique globes from the 18th century on display, as well as archival texts, maps, and charts. Rare navigational devices and tools are also on show. Aside from this, there is an existing Holy Kaaba exhibition that highlights the holy monument's history, architecture, religious significance, and different adornments. All of these attractions provide an educational journey through history and are well worth a visit.

Resources for children (library, sensory rooms, innovation stations)

Best Things to Do at Qatar National Library

The children's library section is just as enjoyable and spectacular as the rest of the library. Even the pickiest reader will be enticed to pick up a book by the gorgeous setup in brilliant colorful colors, child-accessible bookcases, child-friendly seats, and the abundance of book options. Apart from storybooks, the children's library has a variety of books on many themes to help youngsters learn in a fun and interactive way.

The toddler library is a separate section of the children's library featuring fun, sensory games, building blocks, and stories appropriate for babies.

The library has also just announced the launch of a specially built Sensory area, which employs stimuli to connect with children as young as birth, including those with special needs. It is possible to reserve a space in the Sensory Room in advance.

The library's Innovation Stations, which allow youngsters (and adults) to learn about new, creative technologies, are another amazing feature. 3D printing stations, recording studios, photography studios, DIY electronics, virtual reality tools, and other creative areas are all available for free.

This part is especially enjoyable if you have curious children who appreciate having fun while learning new things! These stations must also be reserved in advance.

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