Al Markhiya Gallery Launches “Masarat 1 Exhibition” in Katara

  • Publish date: Friday، 20 May 2022
Al Markhiya Gallery Launches “Masarat 1 Exhibition” in Katara

The Al Markhiya Gallery has announced the launch of its new exhibition, "Masarat 1", which means "Pathways 1", tomorrow, 21 May, at its headquarters in Katara. It is a group exhibition that includes the works of artists from various creative schools: Faraj Dahham from Qatar, Jamal Abdul Rahim from Bahrain, Muzahem al-Nasiri from Iraq, and Rashid Diab from Sudan. The first part of the summer exhibition is scheduled to run until July 5th.

For his part, artist Faraj Dahham explained that his participation in the exhibition comes under the title "Mangrove Tree," pointing to the importance of focusing light on this tree and its environmental role on the coastal shores. They mitigate the effects of climate change and extreme weather events, in addition to being shelters for migratory birds. He confirms that this environmental sustainability puts the recipient in the research methodology. We need to learn what's special about them and learn what's strange about us by trying to interpret a mangrove tree through a visual inspection which, in turn, points to an anthropological question. He adds: To learn something is to look for an approach to the nature of understanding. It is known that Qatari artist Faraj Dahham, through many different stages that began in 1975, has always diversified his sources of knowledge and artistic skills. His goal has always been to achieve artistic knowledge in an audience capable of raising his reading ability in his artistic practice in sculpture and design.

Al Markhiya Gallery Launches “Masarat 1 Exhibition” in Katara

Commenting on his new artistic participation, artist Jamal Abdul Rahim said he often draws his inspiration from ancient civilizations and myths, from Arabic calligraphy and poetry, which he has always been fascinated with, and down to contemporary pop art. Jamal Abdul Rahim is known as an artist who has been able to combine color and meaning and delve into poetry to collect the most valuable pearls for lovers of art in his own artistic framework. One of his most beautiful collections of works of art, acquired by the British Museum, is the "Rasa'el Qasab" or "Reed Letters", which contains selected poems from the work of Al-Mutanabi.

In the same context, artist Muzahim Al-Nasiri, through his participation in this exhibition, creates shapes between color and light. He blends realism and abstraction in his works of art. He conveys the recipient to abstractions and color challenges through a dynamic pictures through bold paintings that summarize the spirit of his themes and the manifestation of his variants.

Artist Rashed Diab said that for him art is ultimately based on strengthening the link between humans and that he is also a refuge in preserving cultures, with reference to diverse civilizations. He added that artists and other human beings are responsible for preserving and developing our cultural history, which is reflected in his work participating in the anticipated exhibition. Diab's work reflects his deep interest in the elements of distance and form, as he mixes Western, African and Islamic influences to express cultural identity in a global context.

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