The Ajyal Film Festival Cancelled in Solidarity With Palestine

  • Publish date: Friday، 20 October 2023
The Ajyal Film Festival Cancelled in Solidarity With Palestine

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) has cancelled the 2023 edition of the Ajyal Film Festival in light of the devastating circumstances of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

DFI released a statement, explaining the reasons for the cancellation of the festival. 

The DFI stated "Ajyal is a grassroots event that is created and delivered by the community, for the community. At this time, we are grieving alongside the community within our region and are devastated by the staggering daily loss of innocent lives."

The film institute highlighted how amplifying Palestinian stories has been part of their organization, so they will explore new avenues for delivering Palestinian stories worldwide. 

DFI has emphasized the importance of ensuring that authentic Palestinian narratives are "heard, recognized, and respected".

DFI shared the statement on their Instagram page and many Instagram users praised their decision. 

If you are looking to make donations to Palestine from Qatar, check out the Qatar Charity and Qatar Red Crescent websites. 

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