Palestinian Journalist Motaz Azaiza Arrived in Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 24 January 2024 Last update: Sunday، 26 May 2024
Palestinian Journalist Motaz Azaiza Arrived in Qatar

Famous digital journalist Motaz Azaiza arrived in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday night, on Jan. 24 after leaving Gaza earlier the same day

Azaiza travelled in a Qatari military plane from Egypt's El Arish International Airport to Qatar. 

In his Instagram story, Azaiza shared his arrival destination and wrote, "I left with a broken heart and tears filling my eyes...I had to move to another place so that I could work more, and God willing he uses us to be the reason for stopping the war and rebuilding Gaza. I have arrived in sisterly Qatar. "

The Palestinian journalist's Instagram stories show that he was at Al Jazeera Studio in Qatar earlier today, on Jan. 24. 

Azaiza has covered the ongoing war in Gaza since October 2023 and he has been sharing live updates from Gaza to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian people. 

Azaiza has garnered 18.4 million followers on his Instagram for authentic coverage of the war in Gaza.

GQ Middle East also named him 'Man of the Year' in 2023 for his courage and bravery as he continued to risk his life to show the world the truth about the war in Gaza. 

Azaiza lost fifteen family members during the war in October 2023, yet he continued with his work. 

Azaiza also received the Communicator Award 2024 from TRT World Citizen recently for his resilience in his field, which has made him an inspiration for many people. 

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