Qatar Airways Travel Voucher: Exchange Your Ticket with 10% additional

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 March 2022
Qatar Airways Travel Voucher: Exchange Your Ticket with 10% additional

Save your money with Qatar Airways Travel Voucher. Qatar airway offers a travel voucher which is a document that could be exchanged for the value purchased ticket, whether it is an unutilized ticket or a partially utilized ticket. How to use Qatar Airways travel voucher? What is the benefit of using it? And how to redeem your travel voucher? Find out in this article. 

About Qatar Airways Travel Voucher 

Qatar Airways passengers can exchange their booked ticket with a voucher called Qatar Airways Travel voucher through qatarairways.com. Qatar Airways Travel Voucher is an exchanged document for the value of the booked ticket, whether it is an unutilized ticket or a partially utilized ticket. 

Qatar Airways passengers can use the Qatar Airways Travel Voucher online to pay for a ticket by deducting from the total amount paid, even if the voucher’s value is higher than the ticket price. In addition, it is possible to redeem Qatar Airways Travel Voucher against any fees charged when making changes to existing bookings. 

The value of Qatar Airways Travel Voucher is equivalent to the unutilized value of the base fare of the passenger ticket, including the value left on a partially used ticket. Plus, an additional 10% excluding non-refundable taxes. 

Things You Must Know About Qatar Airways Travel Voucher   

  • You are not allowed to redeem the voucher online to pay for additional services such as lounge access. But passengers can only redeem their voucher against the price of their ticket.   

  • You can refund the ticket that you used the voucher for, but your refund may or may not include the value of the voucher used.  

  • Qatar Airways Travel Voucher can only be issued against the name of the passenger on the ticket.  

  • Qatar Airways Travel Voucher can redeem one voucher for each passenger occupying a seat within your booking, and up to nine vouchers per booking (when booking for up to nine passengers).   

  • The name on t Qatar Airways Travel Voucher should match the name of the passenger in the booking.  

  • It is possible to remove Qatar Airways Travel Voucher before proceeding with payment.  

  • You cannot issue Qatar Airways Travel Voucher to yourself if the ticket was booked through a travel agent.   

  • Qatar Airways Travel Voucher is valid for two years from the issue date of the voucher and can only be used on Qatar Airways flights.   

  • The price of the original ticket can be refunded only to the original form of payment. 

 Where can I Redeem Qatar Airways Travel Voucher? 

Qatar Airways passengers can redeem their voucher online when booking a new trip, where the voucher code can be applied to your booking right before you proceed to payment. 

Steps to Redeem Qatar Airways Travel Voucher 

Follow the steps below to redeem your voucher online: 

  • Search for your preferred route on qatarairways.com 

  • Select your flights from the flight selection page 

  • Enter the passenger details. Note that the passenger’s name should match the name of the passenger listed in the voucher. 

  • Select any additional services you would like to add (if any) 

  • Once you reach the trip summary page, enter the 13-digit voucher number in its dedicated field at the bottom of the page, and click “Submit voucher”. 

  • The voucher value will be deducted from the total price of your ticket. 

For more information, visit Qatar Airways website. Keep checking Qatar Moments for more articles about Qatar. (Cover Photo Copyright: Qatar Airways Facebook) 

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