Katara Launches Exhibition of Ukrainian Artist Andrii Chernovil

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 June 2022
Katara Launches Exhibition of Ukrainian Artist Andrii Chernovil

H.E. Prof. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, Director-General of the Katara Cultural Village Foundation, inaugurated on Saturday, May 28, the exhibition “Picture of the Contemporary” by Ukrainian artist Andrii Abhinava Chernovil, and the opening was attended by H.E. Mr. Andrii Kuzmenko, the Ukrainian ambassador to Qatar, and a number of Their Excellencies the ambassadors.

The exhibition, which is organized by Katara in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the country, includes a number of paintings, which are an exclusive collection of artworks. The idea of the “Family Portrait” group began in 2020 in a studio at the top of a tower in Doha.

His Excellency Prof. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti said: The exhibition presents those interested in painting works of art at a high level of quality and international standards and opens a window for those interested to learn about this type of art that highlights the finest. Portraiture techniques by displaying drawings of a number of prominent figures in society. And another from the artist's family stresses the importance of meeting different cultures and peoples through the family framework, And He stressed Katara's keenness to enrich the art scene with various exhibitions by presenting international artistic experiences.

In turn, Nadia Chernovil said about the work of her husband Andrii: The new painting techniques are an idea for the continuation of the "contemporary portrait" path of Andrii's creative journey, which includes portraits of figures of high status in society, including in the diplomatic, financial, business and cultural fields to form his art collection.

The exhibition includes a group of paintings entitled: "Digital Art is a National Wealth", "The Smell of Memory", and "The Green Queen", in addition to portraits of a number of Their Excellencies the Sheikhs. The woman was also present through the paintings "Girl and Butterflies" and "The Girl and the Moon". Along with other drawings, the exhibition will continue until June 12th.

It is worth mentioning that Andrii Chernovil is a Ukrainian artist, born on March 20, 1977, in Odessa, in the Soviet Union.

In 1988 he entered the Tiraspol Art School, and in 1995 Andrii decided to enter the Odessa State School

Art is named after MB Grikova.

Andrii, as a diploma thesis, presented the painting "The Old Man" (2000, oil on canvas), which,

As a result of its splendor, it remained in the school museum until Andrei graduated from college with a degree as a teacher of drawing and painting.

Chernovil's works range from painting, photography, sculpture, installations, and multimedia works, through which he depicts the modern city as well as landscapes that transport the viewer to the depth of the subconscious; The space in which he works is to understand the connection between the inside and outside the human being.

Andrii previously participated in the virtual museum launched by the Ukrainian Embassy in Doha on the seventeenth of September 2020, entitled "Ukraine, Art of the New Age".

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