Hamleys Provides New Experience for Children at Hamad Int'l Airport

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 September 2022
Hamleys Provides New Experience for Children at Hamad Int'l Airport

Qatar Duty Free has announced the opening of the first Hamleys branch in Qatar, the world's oldest and largest multinational gaming company, at Hamad International Airport, ranked number one in the world.

Qatar Airways said in a statement on its website, that Duty Free announced the opening of Hamleys Store, the world's most famous toy store, which rich in fairy tale collectibles and toys for the most famous ancient and contemporary characters, at Hamad International Airport (HIA).

The Hamleys store offers its guests, families and their children, an immersive shopping experience with a wide range of toys and exclusive merchandise, as well as a selection of dolls from the most famous names and brands such as Barbie and LOL, in addition to all the classic family favorite toys, dolls and merchandise.

The store in its branch at Hamad International Airport also includes a carefully selected selection of authentic Hamleys merchandise, known for their exceptional quality, such as the famous Hamleys bears.

As for the interior design of the store, it is dominated by the red and white colors that  Hamleys famous for, which give a festive atmosphere full of fun and a charming theatrical feel that reflects what the brand stands for.

The grand opening of the Hamleys store at Hamad International Airport included a range of interactive activities for adults and children including a live band show, a clown magician show, a ballooning suite and a photography suite. Hamleys the bear and his friend Hattie welcomed the passengers and invited them to enter and explore the store, guests were also given Hamleys cookies and gift bags from the shop.

Hamleys is more than just a toy store. In addition to buying merchandise, toys and more, kids can try their favorite toys, enjoying live and interactive displays of many of the 20,000 toys on offer.

In a related context, Hamad International Airport in Qatar, in partnership with Qatar Duty Free, continues to provide exclusive and distinctive retail, hospitality and lifestyle experiences to meet the needs of millions of travelers, providing a unique opportunity for brands and companies to connect with a larger audience.

On the other hand, the Hamad International Airport expansion project contributes to enhancing the multi-disciplinary offerings at the airport by integrating art pieces and lush green spaces, as well as hosting shops, trendy restaurants, and other recreational facilities, all in one world-class building.

As the official airport for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Hamad International Airport is preparing to offer a premium and distinctive experience to travel enthusiasts from all over the world, by embracing the best stores and retail stores, and ensuring seamless access through the airport.

As the country prepares to receive thousands of visitors for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Hamad International Airport is preparing to enhance its capabilities, facilities, and services to receive more than 58 million passengers annually.

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