DJWE: Most Beautiful Jewellery Exhibition in World

  • Publish date: Friday، 13 May 2022
DJWE: Most Beautiful Jewellery Exhibition in World

According to the proprietor of renowned jewellery business Djula Paris, the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) is the most beautiful jewellery event in the world.

Djula Paris, which has participated at DJWE for the past five editions, has become a hotspot for visitors looking for flamboyant jewellery inspired by an urban lifestyle.

"Historically, we were very popular in Qatar," Djula Paris Founder and Artistic Director Alexandre Corrot stated. Many of our clients came from Qatar. We got the prize for best jewellery brand at DJWE four years ago. In Qatar, we now have two stores, one in City Centre and the other in Doha Festival City. We expect to see some of our customers we haven't seen in the last two years. At our pavilion, we want people to discover new collections. We're expecting them. The majority of our clients are Qataris."

"Djula's boutiques are present in the world's most famous cities and places, and Doha is everywhere," Corrot added. Qatar is a key market for Djula; we have a solid client base here and have effectively expanded our reach to new clients through this expo. Djula's fascinating lines, with their basic yet bold designs, suit every woman's need to stand out, and we are continually creating new collections for women who believe jewellery to be an essential marker of their personality."

"Djula brand was born 25 years ago in Paris," he said of the company. "We try to make our jewellery easy to wear at a reasonable price." We manufacture many types of jewellery, such as piercings, and we strive to be highly distinctive and unique in our designs, such as hand and head jewellery, and we produce innovative collections virtually every month. We are constantly attempting to introduce new models. Because our items have such a wide price range, we have a diverse customer."

"Every Djula piercing is a glam-rock work of art," he remarked. Our talented pierce artists are happy to offer our customers the opportunity to complete their piercings within our pavilion. This is how we make a pavilion visit a memorable one. Our top priorities are advice, quality, and safety."

Djula Jewellery Qatar, a subsidiary of Djula Paris, has opened its second boutique in Qatar, at the Doha Festival City retail mall.

Djula has successfully delivered bold jewellery inspired by an urban lifestyle, fusing art nouveau, glam-rock, and pop culture into a modern fusion - one that reflects today's world through its works and portrays people's new relationship with jewellery.

It has become a known global brand endorsed by many of the world's leading celebrities as a result of its worldwide expansion and success since its introduction in 1994.

Djula made its mark in the region by opening a branch in Qatar in City Center Doha in 2019, providing a new yet delicate perspective on fine jewellery.

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