Abu Issa Holding & Wella Release ‘System Professional’

Abu Issa Holding & Wella launch ‘System Professional’, Interaction between beauty and science

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 April 2022
Abu Issa Holding & Wella Release ‘System Professional’

Wella's devotion to the professional beauty sector is highlighted in ‘System Professional’ at a time when it is most needed.

Abu Issa Holding & global brand Wella launched their highly anticipated “System Professional” product, which delivers high-end transformative hair care.

System Professional is not just an ordinary hair product; it is a product developed by experts to satisfy the special demands of hair in order to make it healthier and more replenished.

Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, Chairman and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, hosted the event, which was attended by the general manager of Wella Qatar, Mr. Dory Roustom, and the global artist of Wella Professionals, Mr. Hisham Beaini, who showcased the art of hair styling with Wella's models, and spoke about the launched products and how they are the best solution currently available on the market.

Wella and its product line are proudly featured under the Abu Issa Holding group's umbrella. Despite the fact that the industry was battered by the pandemic, Abu Issa Holding managed to hold another successful event and launch a new product line, where Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, the chairman of Abu Issa Holding, expressed his delight at seeing all the faces after being cut off from human interaction for such a long time.

System Professional aspires to excellence, and this has been the driving force for their research.

The company is continually refining its bioengineering method to solve common hair care problems, discover new formulas, and improve their efficacy. Superior quality is ensured by the modifications that take place and the organically derived components that are utilized in the lab to improve performance.

Because the partners think that everyone deserves to know what's in their hair care and feel good about where it comes from, the hair-identical lipids in the Lipid Code Complex are carefully sourced and naturally derived.

What's good for your hair should be good for the environment as well. As a result, System Professional goods come in environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. According to Wella Professionals, becoming more sustainable is a never-ending process. It's wonderful to know that every wonderful Wella product will now be more environmentally friendly.

With a 140-year heritage of leadership innovation and inspiration, the new Wella Company is an international, diverse industry leader with a presence in over 100 countries. In Qatar, the Wella Family brought together one of the largest communities of hairdressers in the market, focusing solely on the success of its partners and the business, especially in these rough times. Wella Qatar's general manager, Dory Roustom, stated.

The event was sponsored by Floward, a renowned flower delivery service in the Middle East, and included some of the country's most powerful influencers and media figures.

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