Vilaggio Mall: Visit Venice in Qatar

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 27 April 2022
Vilaggio Mall: Visit Venice in Qatar

Villaggio Mall is located in the Aspire District at the western end of Doha, a sports district with the finest stadiums and sports facilities built to international sports facility standards, only about 25 meters above sea level, which means that it is approximately at sea level.

It contains two hotels, a hospital accredited by FIFA and the International Association of Athletics Federations, two outdoor and one indoor track, a large number of sports facilities, a spacious garden, in addition to a large shopping mall, Villaggio Mall Doha, which is located near Khalifa Stadium.

The Villaggio Mall is one of the most beautiful markets in the Middle East, but rather one of the finest in the world.

It is one of the Bellagio hotels chain located in Las Vegas, America, and it is a miniature design of the Italian city of Venice.

The Villaggio Mall market was officially opened in 2006 and the mall is located on an area of 360 thousand square meters. The mall is located on an area of 125,000 square meters. There are about 50,000 square meters of shops for international brands, 15,000 square meters of international luxury brands, an area (Viadomo), and 3,300 square meters of car parking.

Upon entering the Villaggio Mall  and market, you will encounter with its wonderful decorations that take you to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the city of Venice, where you will find a water canal that simulates the waterways of the original city, with a length of 150 meters. Throughout the mall, where you see the atmosphere of that beautiful city with its lamps and crossing bridges intersecting with the canal and the seats stacked on the sidewalks of the canal.

The Villaggio Mall is not only distinguished by its picturesque decorations that take you in an atmosphere of magic, but also by providing you with a wonderful purchasing experience, as the mall offers major brands and new brands among its flanks, but for excellence and luxury, you can find in the Viadomo section the most distinguished brands in the world, where an atmosphere of extravagance and luxury.

As for eating food and drinks in the mall, the mall provides you with a wonderful experience and a good trip between its distinctive foods, as the mall includes a distinguished group of restaurants, whether international or local, some of which offer snacks and fast food, so Villaggio Doha mall is a suitable destination for all family members.

The Villaggio Mall market includes about 220 shops that provide the finest and most famous international brands, as it includes a different group of shops that sell different groups of goods, where we find shops selling jewelry, accessories, and watches from the most famous international brands and large malls such as Carrefour, Marks and Spencer and Virgin Megastores, clothing stores from international brands, stores for home decor and accessories, stores for the finest brands of cosmetics, health and beauty, high-end optics stores, sports goods and clothing stores, including Adidas and Puma, and of course, the Viadomo area, which includes the finest and most luxurious Types of international brands all over the world.

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