Talabat Relaunches Initiatives to Assist Riders This Summer

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 June 2022
Talabat Relaunches Initiatives to Assist Riders This Summer

The region's main local digital platform, Talabat, has announced the launch of a number of seasonal programs to help passengers throughout the hot summer months. Rider summer kits, restaurant waiting rooms, and rest stations have all been introduced as part of the company's commitment to improving rider well-being and safety.

Talabat will execute a number of rider well-being programs throughout the summer season, which includes riders' summer kits, specially designed cooling vests, indoor air-conditioned vendor waiting spaces, and city-wide rider rest stops with water.

Talabat's highly tuned technology also ensures that riders use the most efficient and safest routes possible when delivering, resulting in substantially lower distances traveled throughout the day. Talabat reduces waiting time by enhancing its back-end technology and leveraging real-time data to guarantee riders choose the best routes available. Riders also have the option of being flexible with their work schedules and taking breaks as needed, letting them work at their own speed.

"At Talabat, we have enormous respect and thanks for the hard work that riders undertake, and our number one concern is their safety and comfort at all times," Francisco de Sousa, Managing Director of Talabat Qatar, stated in response to the statement.

"With the rising heat, the summer season can be hard, so we constantly plan ahead to prepare and support riders on the Talabat platform." "Providing them with specialized equipment as well as the freedom to work at their own pace and take breaks whenever possible and necessary," De Sousa added.

The company, on the other hand, encourages everyone to give way to bikers on the road and to show appreciation for their orders by offering water.

Kits for Summer

The company will provide customized summer kits (cooling towels, water bottles, specially designed cooling vests) to enable riders to stay cool during the day to help decrease the effects of the heat during the summer months and to keep riders utilizing the Talabat platform comfortably. When worn appropriately, cooling vests can help keep the body temperature cool and last for up to 10 hours.

Waiting Rooms

Dedicated waiting rooms are being established in collaboration with restaurant partners, offering riders with indoor, air-conditioned lounging places where they can rest, cool off, and replenish their water bottles while waiting to pick up an order.

Stops for rest

Another idea is the establishment of rest spots for riders, which will provide them with specific lounge places situated throughout the city where they can take a break, refill their water bottles, and socialize. Riders will also be able to refill their cooling vests during the rest stop, which will aid them for the remainder of the day.

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