M7 Presents “Doha Dreams": The 2nd Edition of Zwara Program

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 June 2022
M7 Presents “Doha Dreams": The 2nd Edition of Zwara Program

M7, Qatar's nexus for innovation and entrepreneurship in design, fashion, and technology, will present Doha Dreams, inspired by the recently held Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition, as part of its second Zwara Program. The Zwara Program invited 60 designers from the fields of fashion, jewelry, art, and design to apply, with seven being chosen by M7 members to participate in 'Doha Dreams.' The work of the selected local designers will be on display at M7 from June 8 to August 31.

In the context of Qatar's creative scene, the Zwara Initiative is a fluid program that aims to promote creativity and collaboration. The Zwara Program, which takes place once a year, invites creatives to explore exhibitions, archives, and collections before responding to a design brief. It emphasizes the importance of storytelling and experimentation in design.

M7, in cooperation with the Museum of Arab Art, invited eight new and established designers to produce kaftans inspired by Huguette Caland's work in its debut edition in 2021. At the first Zwara Program pop-up, the reworked piece was on show.

Participants were led on a tour of the 'Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams' exhibition for the second edition, which highlighted the numerous themes, cultures, and situations that have inspired the designers. They were then given the responsibility of reconstructing Dior's elegance and beauty through the eyes of a local current designer.

M7 Presents “Doha Dreams": The 2nd Edition of Zwara Program

"M7 is happy to present the work of seven exceptional Qatar-based designers as part of the Zwara Program's Doha Dreams pop-up," said Maha Ghanim Al Sulaiti, Director of M7. We're looking forward to seeing how our designers have incorporated legendary brands like Christian Dior into their own designs inspired by local culture. We are delighted to encourage thought and innovation among our employees, as well as to highlight the high quality of their work."

At the event, seven designers are anticipated to present their amazing work, which will be photographed by Ghada Al-Mawlawi.

Palm Fronds is a garment by Layla Al-Ansari constructed of discarded date palm fronds collected from Qatari farms and 'Al Khoos' carpets. Layla embellished this dress with florals in the shape of the desert rose, adding beads and stones to give a contemporary touch, inspired by Christian Dior's enthusiasm for flora and wildlife.

M7 Presents “Doha Dreams": The 2nd Edition of Zwara Program

The Story of a Pearl by Aliya Al-Obaidly is a lovely wedding gown that depicts the story of pearl diving, one of Qatar's most cherished traditions. The words of a song called "Toob ya Bahar," recited by women in a ritual at the end of the pearl-diving season while waiting for their husbands to return home, are stitched on the veil.

Mashael Al-silk Naimi's jacket Henna is inspired by Christian Dior's "New Look." A felt master in Georgia created the skirt out of silk chiffon and the finest wool to create a tapestry of the desert and dunes. The surface was decorated with a motif of Qatar's national flower, the "Qataf."

Forget Me Not by Nada Al Sulaiti examines Dior's "New Look" on a Qatari woman from the same era, demonstrating how contemporary design may affect traditional craft and style. She created a series of accessories for Zwara, including a belt, scarf, brooch, and sunglasses, that strive to maintain Qatari heritage while also reflecting the tastes of modern women.

The light and spiritual experience of the floral environment that the Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition generated for visitors inspired Haytham as an artist and an architect. The Butterfly: Cocoon of Life - Art Installation is a wonderful blend of a skirt and a headpiece created to produce artifacts that can spotlight natural experiences, in this case, butterflies being drawn to Dior's floral garden.

Muna Saad's study, Changing Courses, examines the role of tradition and modernity in Qatar's growth. Muna has designed a garment made of sheep wool and skin as a testament to the value of family farming, as well as a metal corset that represents Qatar's strength and dedication.

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