"Generosity" Clean Water Company at Qatar’s World Cup by Justin Bieber

  • Publish date: Sunday، 04 December 2022
"Generosity" Clean Water Company at Qatar’s World Cup by Justin Bieber

At FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Justin Bieber, a well-known pop star, and Micah Cravalho, CEO of the "Generosity" water firm, unveiled 150 water fountains with the aim of increasing access to and sustainability of clean drinking water.

"Generosity", a bottled water brand created by Bieber and Micah Cravalho, has evolved into a water technology business that offers premium alkaline water in re-fillable fountains all around the world.

By encouraging others to use refillable products instead of single-use items, "Generosity" tries to lower the consumption of single-use plastic.

"Generosity" has the following objectives for World Cup Qatar 2022: the hydration fountains at the World Cup filled with 2,700,000 gallons of water. 1,301,982 gallons of water were not delivered, 1,302 gallons of diesel were not used, and 5,400,000 plastic bottles were avoided, saving 21,200,00 grams of PET and 13,254,172 grams of CO2.

Micah Cravalho and Justin Bieber traveled to Qatar for this project and met with H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who is a strong supporter of artistic, sustainable, and environmental activities.

According to a press release from H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa: "I have taken part in beach cleanup campaigns in Qatar for many years, so I have seen firsthand how pollution affects the environment. We are all encouraged to participate during the World Cup and beyond through projects like the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Art water bottles, which bring together the global artistic community to advocate for a more sustainable future, and initiatives like those undertaken by Generosity and the Supreme Committee."

The pop star Justin Bieber said: "I want the best water to be available to everyone. I also want nations to understand the best ways to protect their citizens. We need to be more sustainable because we use plastic too much."

Co-founder Cravalho stated that: "To empower consumers with refillable products as an alternative to single-use packaging, we aim to be the world leader in water technology."

The company "Generosity" claims that by 2023, their sustainable fountains will be available commercially at major venues, festivals, and homes. "Generosity" connects to any water source and is capable of producing quality refillable alkaline water that is supplied through the fountains.

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