Citibank Awards Qatar International Islamic Bank with Excellence Award

  • Publish date: Friday، 23 September 2022
Citibank Awards Qatar International Islamic Bank with Excellence Award

Citibank New York awarded the Excellence Award for the use of the direct foreign payment processing system (STP) for the year 2021 to the Qatar International Islamic Bank as an expression of its appreciation for the advanced level with which QIIB deals with foreign payments that match the best international standards in this field.

In the presence of Mr. Ali Hamad Al-Misifi, Head of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, Mr. Muhammad Khair Barhouma, Head of Operations Sector at the Qatar International Islamic Bank, received the award from Mr. Muhammad Galadari (Vice President - Financial Institutions) for Citibank, during a ceremony held for the occasion in the main building of the Bank.

The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Sayed Assem Mahmoud, Head of Central Operations, as well as Messrs. Muhannad Barakat, Vice President (Treasury and Commercial Solutions), and Mohamed Al Hammadi, Director of Correspondent Banks Group, from Citibank.

Citibank explained that the Qatar International Islamic Bank deserved the award, given that it achieved the best numbers and performance standards in the field of external payments, with rates considered among the highest in the world.

On the occasion of the International Islamic Bank's winning of this award, Mr. Ali Hamad Al-Misifi said: "It is not the first time that the Qatar International Islamic Bank has received the Excellence Award in Processing External Payments from Citibank New York, as the Bank has received it several times before, which confirms that it maintains its competence in the field of operations management and constantly improves them, and this stems from unremitting efforts being made, some of which relate to training, qualification and attracting expert cadres, and others related to the banking technology that it uses and keen to keep pace with the newer generation of them.

He added: "The processing of external payments is an important part of our banking services network, and we always strive for these processes to be accurate, fast, and efficient, because of their importance in increasing the factors of trust and responding to customers' aspirations and improving the business environment."

He explained: "The award also reflects the great success of the Qatar International Islamic Bank in dealing with external payment operations that require the direct transfer of funds without manual intervention, while ensuring that it reaches the beneficiaries at the required speed, and without errors or delays."

Al-Misifi thanked Citibank for its trust and its keenness on the continuous relations and partnership with the Qatar International Islamic Bank, stressing the desire to strengthen this partnership and push it forward for the benefit of both parties.

For his part, Mr. Muhammad Galadari expressed his appreciation for the distinguished level achieved by the Qatar International Islamic Bank in the field of external payments, according to which he deserved the Excellence Award that was previously awarded to him several times, which indicates the bank's ability to constantly modernize and develop its operations.

He pointed out: "There is a desire and possibility for relations between Citibank and the Qatar International Islamic Bank to develop in the coming period so that each party benefits from the capabilities of the other in the best way."