Quintessentially Opens Office in Doha

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 November 2022
Quintessentially Opens Office in Doha
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The leading global lifestyle management group that offers luxury services to selected clients from all over the world launched its operations in the Qatari market, in a grand event held at Le Royal Meridien Lusail Hotel under the theme “Reaching the Unreachable”.

The London-based luxury services group was launched by co-founders Aaron Simpson, Ben Elliott, and Paul Drummond in 2000 and has 44 offices spread across 37 countries around the world. The company only chooses a certain number of members from each country to provide them with its services, based on special criteria.

“Quintessentially provides services to many elite individuals in the world, including businessmen and women, famous sports personalities, movie stars, celebrities, and members of royal families,” said Mr. Tanveer Basharot, CEO of the Group.

He explained, "Quintessentially is described as a single entity that can provide the individual with everything they desire to live a luxurious life, and aims to serve the elite members of the Qatari society by providing services of distinctive value."

Group members receive a wide range of services, including booking private jets, access to the finest hotels with exclusive and unavailable benefits in the market, invitations to the Academy Awards, and access to prestigious private clubs.

Where the group provides these services through its distinguished companies and partners such as “Quintessentially Weddings and Quintessentially Events”, “Quintessentially Estates”, which provides exclusive services to members in terms of searching for and purchasing palaces and private islands, Quintessentially Art' which provides consultancy services for the collection and management of artworks, 'Quintessentially Travel', which creates unique luxury travel experiences, and 'Quintessentially gift services.

Through its unrivaled global connections, the company offers its clients almost anything they can dream of.

Quintessentially is built on relationships, so it's a truly global network that thrives on connecting with clients,

Since work built on the basis of personal relationships achieves better results, complete digitization will never be the answer, this is simply the philosophy of the group.

Quintessentially has pioneered the concept of lifestyle management. Built around the singular proposition of bestowing back upon its members the invaluable gift of time, the group spent two decades benchmarking service in lifestyle management and granting access to the inaccessible.

In an increasingly digitalized world, the personalized one-to-one contact we offer with its lifestyle managers is unrivaled: this lifeline provides a connection to the best on offer across the globe, ensuring every request, big and small, is fulfilled whilst receiving access to the very best.

The group's in-house network of experts allows for streamlined and comprehensive lifestyle management. Tapping into this unique ecosystem of advisors and partners, the group can take care of life’s fundamental demands, wishes, and needs, offering a complete luxury lifestyle for now into the future.