Qatar's Labour Reforms Will Assure Holistic, Long-term Change

"Our progress demonstrates that the best way to find solutions is for all stakeholders to engage in positive discourse. Qatar will continue on its current path "— Ministry of Labour

  • Publish date: Saturday، 21 May 2022
Qatar's Labour Reforms Will Assure Holistic, Long-term Change
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Qatar's labour reforms will continue at a pace that ensures holistic and long-term transformation, according to the Ministry of Labour, and Qatar is proud of the reforms it has implemented.

"What we have done in a few years took many decades in other parts of the world," the Ministry said in response to an Amnesty International report. Qatar is resolute in its commitment to labour reform, and we are determined to continue to improve our labour market and provide an example for other countries to follow."

Qatar cooperated with a number of global organizations, and its reforms were established with the help of international partners such as the ILO, NGOs, and trade unions, according to the ministry.

"These alliances are based on mutual trust, hard work, and a shared understanding of our objectives." Qatar also worked closely with the business community, including both Qatari and foreign firms, to ensure that they met the new criteria," the statement continued.

"In the last five years, Qatar's reforms have included an innovative national minimum wage, the removal of exit permits, the removal of barriers to changing jobs, stricter recruitment oversight, better access to justice and compensation, better accommodation, and improved health and safety standards," according to the ministry.

"We've also collaborated with labour-sending countries to combat exploitative practices that take place before employees arrive in Qatar." Qatar has made unquestionable improvements. The Workers' Support and Insurance Fund, which was formed by the government to pay workers, has disbursed 110 million pounds in the last two years alone," it stated.

"Throughout this decade-long process, we have engaged freely with NGOs that have persistently been critical of Qatar," the ministry stated. We often coordinate NGOs' visits to Qatar to conduct research and meet with officials. We have always been willing to discuss their points of view and have engaged with them in good faith. Much of the goodwill that has been created is undercut by the current study. Engagement always produces better results than condemnation, especially when it is requested unfairly.

"Our progress demonstrates that the best way to find solutions is for all stakeholders to engage in positive discourse." Qatar will continue on its current path. The Qatari government is in charge of all areas of the labour market, and no changes can be implemented without complete coordination and collaboration with the relevant authorities, according to the ministry.