DFI's "Watching the Classics" Screens Italian Film "Paisan"

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 August 2022
DFI's "Watching the Classics" Screens Italian Film "Paisan"

Cinephiles are encouraged to participate in the Doha Film Institute's (DFI) online program "Watching the Classics" to enhance their knowledge of film history. Renowned Richard Pea will deliver the lecture series.

The sixth session will center on Roberto Rossellini's 1946 Italian film Paisan. On August 23, from 5.30 to 7.30, there will be a talk. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply.

According to DFI, "in the monthly sessions, Professor Pea will present a selected film within its aesthetic, financial, technological, and social/political context, describing each director's formal techniques and elucidating the ramifications of these artistic and technical choices." "Selected photographs and clips will be featured for discussion during the lecture, and participants will be able to send Professor Pea questions, which will be answered at the conclusion of each session," it was stated.

The lecture will "examine a broad variety of series of iconic works of world cinema, probing this notion of the "classical narrative" in many situations. The introduction of sound cinema, the growing influence of governments in the industry, the effects of World War II, and the influence of "realism " and “modernism” on filmmakers and audiences are just a few of the subjects that will be covered each week.

The lecture costs QR70, but those who have a Culture Pass from the Qatar Museum receive a discount of 20%, or QR56. Visit the institute's website at dohafilminstitute.com if you want to apply.

DFI also informed attendees that, after enrolling, they could email [email protected] to make an appointment to see the featured movie there. Only individuals who reside in the country may use this.

In "Paisan," director Rossellini and a group of screenwriters produced six distinct movies that collectively traced the progress of American and Allied forces up the Italian peninsula, capturing the mistrust, misunderstandings, friendships, and even love that developed between Italians and their foreign liberators in the protracted, bloody war to end fascism.

The Postproduction, Cinema Projection, and Film Production sections of the Doha Film Institute's internship program are presently accepting applications. Send your resume, cover letter, and Qatar ID to [email protected] if you're interested in launching your career in the film industry.

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