Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

  • Publish date: Friday، 19 August 2022
Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

Due to the country's diverse population, the locals in Qatar love both the regional cuisine and the many international options. Since everyone in Doha wants to live a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating has quickly become a popular choice for many fitness lovers. There are numerous healthy meal plan subscriptions available for those who want to avoid the hassle of preparing healthy meals or keeping to their diets. These services provide delicious, healthy meals that are packaged fresh and delivered to your home.

Zen Cuisine

Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

Zen Cuisine is among the most well-liked Qatari meal plan subscription services. They provide lunch plans, half-day plans, and full-day options that can be selected for one day, 12 days, or 24 days. Their ability to provide nutrition advice to pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as those trying to bulk up, detox, cleanse, or lose weight is what makes them so financially feasible. Additionally, their meals are designed just for you based on your caloric needs and are very affordable.

Costs range from 100 to 3,600 QAR (depending on the plan chosen)

Evergreen Organics

Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

Another excellent meal plan subscription is Evergreen Organics, which provides three distinct kinds of diet meals at two different price points. For weight loss plans, the two meal alternatives are available at 1200 and 1600 calories, while muscle-building plans can choose between 2800 and 3400 calories. Additionally, they provide protein powders that can be delivered right to your home, healthy nut butters, low-calorie desserts, and juice cleanse programs.

QAR 999 to QAR 5,220 in price (depending on the plan chosen)


Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

An entrepreneur started Dieture as a fitness training business to assist clients in changing their lifestyles. The organization is aware of the challenges in planning healthy meals around hectic schedules. Dieture offers you meals created from the finest ingredients that are delivered right to your door, as well as dietician consultations. They provide three, four, five, six, and seven meal options every day, each of which consists of the three major meals as well as a snack and dessert. Additionally, Dieture provides keto meals.

Prices: QAR 1,776 to QAR 5,320

Healthy Kitchen

Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

Another cutting-edge food delivery service kitchen that specializes in diet plans is called Healthy Kitchen. The company was started by a bodybuilding coach and expert, and its nutritionists provide weekly follow-ups to make sure your health is improving. To assist consumers in gaining weight, losing weight, or simply maintaining a healthy weight, the meals are prepared using a precise macro counting system. Furthermore, the company sells keto meal plans.

Prices: QAR 900 to QAR 4,200


Where to Find Healthy Meals in Qatar

Calibre provides premium, highly nutritious meal plans that are specially crafted to meet your dietary requirements. On their membership, you may establish a personalized meal plan, pick your meals, and even choose to have dessert guilt-free. They offer great, tasty meals with their conventional fusion, keto, and classic programs.

Prices range from QR 2,500 to QR 5,000.

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