Best Ways to Take Selfies

  • Publish date: Thursday، 11 August 2022
Best Ways to Take Selfies

There is no doubt that this happened to you one day; you like how you look in the mirror, then .... you scream at yourself, oh no, why do I look like this in front camera!!!! Follow this article to learn the tricks of selfie photography to share your most beautiful pictures ever on social media.

How to Find Flawless Selfie Poses?

There is no rule! Try to take selfies in a position that is completely comfortable for you and where you see that your face looks its best; what may suit that celebrity you love her selfies may not suit your face.

However, there are some tips that you can follow, including relaxing your lips, smiling spontaneously, and focusing on showing your eyes, as they are the most prominent feature of your face. Also, you can show your hands in the picture for a more natural look.

For more beautiful photos, take the photo with your best friend or your pet, or show a unique background in nature, crowded cities, quiet beaches, or under bright sunshine!

What Are the Best Selfie Angles?

  • Point your chin down a bit and look at the camera
  • Turn your face slightly to one side
  • Lie down and put the camera directly above your face
  • Look directly at the camera but slightly raise the arm holding your phone
  • Point the camera up and look at it with your chin slightly extended

How to Take a Really Good Selfie?

  • Choose the right camera angle
  • Smile genuinely
  • Use natural lighting
  • Use a selfie stick
  • Set a timer
  • Don’t use too many filters
  • Edit the photo and try to crop it so the holding arm doesn’t show

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